Interview Question 1

20 Aug

From time to time, we get  thrown some curves in interviews.  Here a question that might require some thought.  I hope it helps.



 “Have you ever been in a high pressure, time sensitive situation that required diplomacy where the results of  the situation were highly visible to others?”



 “Absolutely.  In my job, I manage two individuals.  For reasons that intertwine with company culture and financial considerations, they were placed on a short-term leave of absence.  They are wonderful people to manage, but each had a distinct personality.  Their only flaw was that they had trouble making it to work on time.  For some reason, they had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. One was  type A, the other type B.  I was very successful in adapting my management skills to each individual and they succeeded, but that’s another story. 

Anyway, I received notice that the company needed them to come back to work, but they would now report to someone else.  The rub was that while I didn’t know their supervisors, they knew me.  They had my email address, my phone number, and could call me in at a moment’s notice to discuss their performance.  Oh, and did I mention that they had some hygienic problems as well?  

Picture yourself in this situation – you’re trying to get two people, who sometimes have to be told to take a shower(!!!), they have a hard time rolling out of bed  AND they way they act is going to be a direct reflection upon you!” 

Well, to answer your question, after their leave, I provided guidance after normal working hours to ensure they were ready to go to work for their new supervisors AND reflect positively upon me.”


Wow!  It sounds like you went above and beyond to help them out, even with some “um” unorthodox work habits.


Well, I did feel somewhat of an obligation. After all, they are my kids and it was the first day of school.







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