Why am I here?

Well, why are you here? There are several reasons you might be here (both technological and philosophical) and I’m sure we’ll go in to those in future blogs, but for now, WELCOME! 

Until that time, here’s how this site came to be.  For years and years, I have had an itch to pass along thoughts, ideas, wisdom (maybe), stories, and one liners to a large audience.   I thought “Man, this is great stuff!  If I could just get the word out, it would change the world!”   And I truly believe that if some forward thinkers in a position to implement change latch on, some of the future content may change a portion of the world for the good of those in it.

I began taking this seriously about 10 years ago when my son was born and then took it even more seriously when my daughter was brought into the world two years after.  Okay, if you’re asking yourself “who in the world waits 10 years to start a blog if they take something seriously”, you are in the right place and you’re going to love this site.  To answer the question, life just got in the way.  However, during the past decade, I have added to the value of Staples and Barnes and Noble by purchasing countless journals, writing on a few pages, re-engineering my thought process and then purchasing more countless numbers of journals (huh?).   There’s a lot of them.

Now it is time to let the wonders of technology assist me in organizing all of the tangents my mind experiences on a daily basis.  I can’t wait to read over this blog from time to time and see what is going through my head.  I hope you feel the same.  Enjoy.

P.S.  The name – saltwaterit.wordpress.com.  Here’s the breakdown. 

  • Saltwater:  Living on the coast, I’m infatuated with the ocean.  I would be on a boat everyday if time allowed and the money tree was always in bloom.


  • IT:  Information Technology.  Lots of thoughts on that subject and it’s what I do to finance my time off.  It’s kind of like Miracle Gro from the money tree.


  • wordpress: It was just appended to the FREE site. Clever technology or voodoo?  You decide. 


  • .com:  A top-level domain of DNS of which the wordpress domain is a subordinate.

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